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Laminate veneers (also referred to as dental laminates) are a treatment in which thin porcelain layers (veneers) of desired colour, size, and form are attached to the surface of teeth experiencing esthetical problems.
In this method, there is no need to extensively curb the healthy teeth, unlike in the crown treatment. Usually, only a 0.3-0.5 mm thin surface of the tooth is removed in order to conduct this treatment. That's about 1/2 the thickness of a dime or twice the thickness of an eggshell. Previously prepared porcelain veneers are attached to the surface by means of a special bonding substance. Thanks to the fact that they are very thin and do not include metal, they allow the light to partially penetrate them. Therefore, teeth with veneers look naturally and the procedure is an aesthetical success.

Prices of Laminate Veneers

The prices of laminate veneers in Trabzon are, as it happens in other regions, based on the price list published by Turkish Association of Dentistry.

What does a laminate veneer mean?

It is a technique used to permanently change the shape and colour of teeth. Laminate veneer is a very thin, shiny, smooth porcelain plate which suits the shape and colour of other teeth, gums, and lips, and guarantees a natural smile to the patient. Laminates prepared in a laboratory environment are then attached to the front surface of the tooth by a dentist.

When are the laminate veneers used?

• Closing the diastemas, lengthening the teeth and reshaping them if necessary
• As a treatment of broken or cracked teeth
• As a solution for patients who do not like the colour of their teeth discoloured by antibiotics and desire a permanent whiteness
• In patients who do not like their own smile, as a part of smile design
• Porcelain veneers can be an alternative treatment for slightly crooked teeth

How many times should I visit the dentist in order to get the porcelain veneers?


Laminate veneer treatment takes at least two sessions. The length of a particular session may vary due to the state of the teeth and the number of veneers to be prepared and attached.

If there is any need for procedures improving the aesthetics of gums, first the gum treatments should be performed. Only then the laminate treatment should take place.

Will I feel pain while undergoing a laminate veneer treatment?

No pain is inflicted during the procedure. However, in some cases, local anaesthesia may be applied to avoid the possibility of pain. After the first session, temporary laminates are attached in order to protect the teeth until the permanent veneers attachment. Therefore, the patient, not to mention that the issue of tooth sensitivity is avoided, experiences no esthetic problem.


How does the laminate veneer process look like?

In the first session, the tooth surface is prepared to later attach the laminates. 0.3-1 mm of the surface is removed from the surface and the measure is taken.

Using this measure, very thin porcelain laminates of suitable colour and form which will complete a beautiful smile are prepared. Finally, they are attached using a special glue which fits the colour of the tooth.


How can I get to know beforehand how the porcelain laminates will look like?

During the first visit to the doctor’s office measurements are taken from the patient’s mouth. Using the acquired tooth model a mock-up model is prepared in the laboratory using a special material. In this way, doctor and patient, using a 3D model, can make changes according to their wishes and decide how the final aesthetic effect should look like.



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